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I come to work in the moring and check the status of FEDEX and it says it is still in transit.

My Law office sent in the resposne using FEDEX overnight yesterday.

Designed as an introduction to this ever-growing community, the Noteworthy Alumni list includes some of the College's prominent graduates in a broad range of creative disciplines.

The Daily Multiracial would simply not have been the same without the support, energy and love you’ve all shown and I will be forever grateful. To identify myself differently than my brothers and sisters. Com, Amel Larrieux’s Twitter page, Amel Larrieux’s Facebook page, Amel Larrieux, Amel Larrieux’s my Space page, Amel Larrieux’s Wikipedia page 66 notes #Amel Larrieux#Groove Theory#Tell Me#Get Up#You Will Rise#Sweet Misery#For Real#biracial#multiracial#mixed#mixed race#mixed-race#mixedrace#multi-racial#multi racial#Biracial Celebrities#multiracial celebrities#mixed celebrities (English, African-American) [British]Known as: Singer-songwriter, musician, remixer and DJ (Founding member of the bands “Depeche Mode” & “VCMG”)Music Videos (as Depeche Mode): Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, Somebody, A Question of Lust, I Feel You, People Are People More Information: Martin, Martin Gore’s Facebook page, Depeche Mode’s Official Site, Depeche Mode’s Wikipedia page, Martin Gore’s Wikipedia page 34 notes #Martin Gore#Depeche Mode#VCMG#Personal Jesus#enjoy the silence#People are people#biracial#multiracial#mixed#mixedrace#mixed-race#mixed race#multi-racial#multi racial#Biracial Celebrities#multiracial celebrities#mixed celebrities (Chinese Malaysian/Maori) [New Zealander]Known as: Singer-Songwriter & Musician (One of New Zealand’s all time best selling artists; Her songs “Sway” & “Good Morning, Baby” were featured in the movie “American Pie”; Made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth II)Music Videos: Sway, Drive, Good Morning, Baby, Get Some Sleep More Information: Bic Runga’s Official Site, Bic Runga’s Twitter page, Bic Runga’s Facebook page, Bic Runga’s my Space page, Bic Runga, Bic Runga’s Wikipedia page 184 notes #Bic Runga#Sway#Good Morning Baby#Drive#Get Some Sleep#biracial#multiracial#mixed#hapa#mixed-race#mixedrace#mixed race#multi-racial#multi racial#Biracial Celebrities#multiracial celebrities#mixed celebrities (White/Black) [American]Known as: Politician, Sea Captain & Ship Pilot (US Congressman from South Carolina from 1875-79 & 1882-1887; First captain of African-American descent of a naval vessel in the service of the United States; Influenced Abraham Lincoln to accept African-American soliders into the Union Army; Authored legislation in South Carolina first free and compulsory public school system in the United States; Founded the Republican Party of South Carolina; The US naval vessal “USS Robert Smalls” was named in his honor)Special Historical Note: Freed himself, his crew and their families from slavery by commandeering the CSS Planter, a Confederate transport ship, and sailing it to freedom.

Brand experience includes American Express, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Hershey, IBM, i-Health, Jaguar, Kraft, P&G, Sheraton, Timex, UPS, VMware, Westin, and Zicam.

Awards include Addy, Andy, CA, Cannes, Clio, D&AD, Effie, Marketing (Canada), and NY Art Directors.

(Gratitude to folks like the sweet-as-pie Korean gals at my local coffee shop who decided I shouldn't pay for pastries when they discovered I was a writer.) Your kind words of support and encouragement were deeply appreciated, whether in the comments, giving me digital love, or on the streets.

If you found something here that was interesting enough to spark a feeling, a thought, a plan ... But if it was just soulful enough to entertain you on occasion, then know that I'm smiling as I walk out the door.


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